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Refund Policy

If you don't like your ordered item, or it did'nt fit, you can return it within 30 days after delivery.
How to return the item?
  1. Contact our Customer Support. Please, provide the order number for the item you want to return and the reason.
  2. Our Customer Support agent will send you the address of the seller that you need to return the goods to.
  3. After you send the goods to the seller, please, provide the parcel tracking number and a photo of the receipt to our Customer Support.
  4. Our Customer Support will proceed with the refund.
IMPORTANT: Joom does not cover the cost of shipping the goods back to the seller in China.
How to contact Customer Support?
  1. Go to My Orders.
  2. Select the item you would like to send back to the merchant.
  3. And then on the chat button in the upper right corner to start a chat with the Customer Support.
  4. Describe your situation and ask for the seller's address.
Can my refund request be denied?
Yes, if:
  • more than 30 days have passed since the goods were delivered to you;
  • you sent the goods without having received the seller's address from our Customer Service;
  • you weren't able to provide a valid tracking number.
When will I get my money back?
The money will be returned to the account from which you paid, within 14 days after the order changes its status to "Refunded."