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Portable Vacuum Blackhead Remover

  • đź’“PROFESSIONAL BLACKHEAD VACUUMđź’“ - Equipped with a strong vacuum air pump,our blackhead pore vacuum sucker can produce a suction strength max 54kpa(48-54KPA), Compared with common extractor tool kits, it doesn’t hurt your skin(getting red is a normal phenomenon when using,it will disappear after use) and provide you with the perfect solution for removal of stubborn blackhead,blemish, comedone, skin cutin, grease, make-up residues on face&nose,microdermabrasion and exfoliation.

  • đź’“ADJUSTABLE SUCTION STRENGTHđź’“ - VAPELOPEK Blackhead Remover Vacuum has 3 level of suction strength for the removal of black heads. Switch the suction according to your situation of skin. The level 1 is suitable for oily skin; level 2 for neutral skin; level 3 for dry skin,your all-round facial pore cleaner for skin.

  • đź’“5 REPLACEABLE MULTI-FUNCTION PROBESđź’“ - Our Blackhead Pore Vacuum is equipped with 5 facial suction probes, choose the appropriate suction probe based on your exact needs, Round Probes for removal of blackhead, blemish, comedone, grease, make-up residues,Oval Probe for smoothing little wrinkles and improving skin elasticity,an extra microcrystalline probe supplied to remove aging cutins and make skin tender.

  • đź’“EROGONOMIC DESIGN&CHARGINGđź’“- VAPELOPEK Blackhead Suction Vacuum features a mini size and a LCD display,It mimics the image of woodpecker leaning on the tree.Simple lines and mellow texture makes it elegant.With a built-in 500mAh battery,it can continuously sucking blackheads,acne,blemish for more than 1H,and charging time: 2H.The blackhead vacuum is portable for home or travel use.